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Personal care : Incontinence care
Kylie Pants Female: XX-Large, (hip 122-132cm)

Kylie Pants Female: XX-Large, (hip 122-132cm)

  Kylie Pants, Female - XX-Large, hip size 122-132cm
  • Kylie pants have a built in absorbent pad suitable for occasional, light urinary incontinence
  • The special Kylie one-way liner ensures that the highly absorbent soaker layer keeps you and your clothes dry
  • No need to use a disposable pad system - kinder to the environment and your  pocket too
  • Machine washable and reusable up to 200 times
  • Available in Kylie male and Kylie female designs
  • Wide range of sizes
Kylie Pants Female: XX-Large, (hip 122-132cm)
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